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The Pro Trees arborist legacy started in 1976 with Steve Winsby and Steve’s Tree Service. Steve was the first to offer legitimate tree service in Encinitas CA. Today, The second generation of arborists have come a long way with knowledge and expanding experience. Pro Trees has been providing complete tree care management and consulting since 1999. The current Pro Trees team is led by Theron Winsby, Certified Arborist, who takes great pride in continuing education and tree knowledge.

Pro Trees Arboriculture is dedicated to the proper care of trees. Correct and careful pruning, tree preservation, and consulting is what we do. We are motivated to remain an environmentally conscious company. Our goal is to create a positive and educational impact on our community. Pro Trees is a Commercial Tree Care contractor based in Encinitas and San Diego County. We specialize in long-term seasonal maintenance programs and risk assessment for both residential communities and commercial properties.

"Always educate yourself"

PRUNING - Tree pruning should be a fine art coupled with knowledge of tree biology. However all too often, unfortunately, your standard tree trimming can turn out to be counter-productive, or just a bad tree trimming disaster. Every tree is different! Our team knows the difference between healthy trees or too much cutting.

CONSULTING - A third-party, unbiased tree consultation from a Certified Arborist is the first step to making any decision about your property or landscape assets. Get several professional arborist opinions and make sure to educate yourself in order to make the right tree care choices.

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