Tree Services

Pruning - Tree trimming, thinning, lacing, crown reduction, for healthy, safe, beautiful trees. Selective removal of woody plant parts of any size, using saws, pruners, clippers, or other pruning tools. Topping is not recommended.

Planting - Proper tree installation is landscape insurance and vital to tree health! Moving and transplanting big trees takes experience.

Preservation - Plant and tree health is more than some fertilizer and tree spraying. Preserving specimen trees, takes time and experience. Organic fertilizer will benefit landscapes, preserve trees, waterways and budget.

Consulting - A professional arborist with valuable advice on installing a tree or landscape. Let a tree expert diagnose tree disease, plant pests and tree problems properly. Tree hazards can be prevented. A tree and landscape consultation saves time and money.

Tree Inventory and Mapping - We provide our clients with a comprehensive GPS Tree Inventory and a state of the art tree inventory software program to assist tree clients in the efficient management of our Urban Forest. The program utilizes the latest in GIS (Geographic Information System) technology which allows our client to see a virtual representation of any tree in the Urban Forest.

Diagnostic Analysis - Pro Trees Arborists excel in analyzing and identifying tree health care issues. Our local arborists in Encinitas continue to remain educated with ongoing arborist training on the latest problems and treatment techniques. We take plant and soil health seriously on a micro biology level. Treatment of a common insect infestation, a soil deficiency, or tree disease, can be appropriately identified and addressed.

Tree Removal

Pest Control

Tree Preservations Plans are the most important key to a tree’s survival in a construction area. Our proactive approach to tree care will help prevent future tree problems.

Integrated Pest Management is a concept that involves much more than sprays and poisons.

Commercial and H.O.A. budgeted tree care programs.

Tree Maintenance per season.

Be Proactive
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We also provide Services to these Municipalities:
(City of San Marcos,City of Del Mar, City of Encinitas)

Scheduled maintenance programs for efficiency and budget. A proactive tree plan will prevent problems. Get references before hiring a tree services professional.

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